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VTel and Grafton Public Library Partner for Online Safety
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 14:01

VTel and Grafton Public Library Partner for Online Safety

Free Community Education and Information Session for the Prevention of Identity Theft and Fraud

Springfield, Vermont (June 4 2014):

In May of this year, the Internet Crime Complaint Center received its 3 millionth complaint. In the last 12 months, the personal information of 110 million Americans – about half the population – has been exposed to theft by hackers. Vermont Telephone Company, Inc. (VTel) and the Grafton Public Library have teamed up to offer an educational presentation on best practices for online safety, identity theft prevention, and privacy. The session is free and open to the public, and will be held at the Grafton Public Library on Wednesday, June 11 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. No previous computer experience is necessary to attend.

During the session, participants will learn what is at risk and how to avoid falling victim to these scams, how to monitor their identity, and how to deal with suspected or confirmed identity theft. “Staying safe online requires top to bottom effort. Law enforcement and regulatory efforts are huge, but the individual is the first line of defense – and too often, people are fooled into giving away information to scammers, phishers and hackers. Our digital literacy programs have helped hundreds of Vermonters get online, and online safety has always been a key part of that effort,” said Josie Hingston, Broadband Outreach Coordinator for VTel.

Robust broadband infrastructure is consistently linked to enhanced economic development for individuals and small businesses. Internet access also enhances community relationships; after Tropical Storm Irene hit the northeast, many residents found social media to be the best way to share and find news, to get information about roads, and to get help to neighbors. These online forums continue to be great ways to connect with local folks, far-flung family, local and state government, law enforcement, and just about any library under the sun.

VTel Community Broadband teams have been working with Vermonters for over three years to promote broadband adoption, digital literacy, and enhanced communications. VTel Rural Broadband Farm Forums are part of VTel’s larger rural broadband expansion projects. In 2010, VTel was awarded two grants under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to expand high-speed Internet service throughout Vermont. Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic rollout in the VTel service area in southern Vermont is expanding billion-bits-per-second speeds to every home and business, and VTel Wireless, a statewide 4G/LTE wireless mobile broadband network, is bringing broadband services to rural Vermonters. These projects combine with digital skill building to create a rich platform for community and economic development in the Green Mountain State.

For further information, please contact Josie Hingston: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 802-885-7728.


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