Fiber-to-the-Home Update and FAQs

VTel is extending GigE gigabit Internet (1,000,000,000 bps) over active fiber to every existing VTel customer in the fourteen telephone exchanges we serve in Vermont.  If your phone number begins with any of the following numbers, you are almost certainly living in an area where this high-speed fiber will soon be available.

802-235-xxxx 802-436-xxxx 802-869-xxxx
802-259-xxxx 802-446-xxxx 802-875-xxxx
802-293-xxxx 802-492-xxxx 802-885-xxxx
802-325-xxxx 802-672-xxxx 802-886-xxxx
802-422-xxxx 802-843-xxxx


Why is VTel replacing its old copper system with fiber?

VTel operates one of the most rural telephone networks in America. For almost a decade, our DSL over copper -- with speeds up to 24 megabits per second -- has been among the fastest in North America. We like being the fastest. We love it. With the help of a USDA / RUS grant, we're boosting your Internet speeds to 1,000 megabits per second, with no monthly service charge increases.

Fiber means crystal-clear voice calls, blazing-fast Internet speeds, and soon, VTelevision featuring more than 500 channels including 200+ HD channels all at a lower cost than our national competitors. Plus, this network upgrade means VTel is creating more local jobs.

Do I have the option NOT to upgrade my current phone line to fiber?

No. The fiber upgrade completely replaces the existing copper-based telephone network. All lines will need to be upgraded.

How soon does my town get 1,000,000,000 bps Fiber-to-the-Home?

North Springfield is fully built and customers are currently being cutover to the new network. Thirty construction crews are at work today in Springfield, Middletown Springs, Ira, Hartland, Danby, and Wallingford.

What is the ‘process’ for installing fiber to my home or business?

First, you get an automated VTel message informing you when a small weatherproof gray box will be installed outside your home, near where your current telephone service meets your home wiring. Second, VTel will request access to your home to install a battery back-up. Third, for Internet and video we will visit again to ensure everything works to your expectations. For voice, including new High Definition Voice and video conferencing, the transition can usually be done without a visit.

Will my the bill for my services increase?

There will be no increase in your monthly services bill as a result of the upgrade. You may choose to add new video and new wireless services. We hope you will. But it's not necessary.

Will I lose phone service if electric power fails?

Yes and no. The VTel fiber system in your home will have a battery back-up, so there should not be a loss of fiber-based telephone service during most power outages. But batteries aren’t perfect. If batteries age or fail and aren’t replaced, you could lose fiber-based services. Then try your VTel mobile wireless phone!

Will the construction cost me anything?

No. In most cases, there is no cost.

My phone line is buried. Will it still be buried and will you dig a new trench?

Yes. If your line is presently buried, we will likely bury the new line close to your current line. The VTel policy is to restore your property to the same condition as before.

I heard VTel is offering television. Is this true?

Yes. Our goal is to deliver a staggeringly wonderful video service you will love, in early 2013, to every home where the fiber upgrade is complete. VTel recently completed the installation of the video head-end equipment in North Springfield in order to offer this amazing new service.

I heard VTel is offering wireless. Is this true?

Yes. Our goal is mobile broadband to anyone who wants it. We believe in a future with GigE to every home for instant download of video and data, seamlessly integrated with mobile broadband.

I reside in the VTel service territory, but I am not a VTel customer. Can I still have access to these fiber-based services?

Yes, and as an added benefit we will waive activation and standard installation charges for those who sign up for VTel service prior to our new network going live. There has never been a better time to join VTel!

Will VTel’s Money-Back Guarantee Still Work?

Yes. Granite countertop estimate: estimating the cost of your granite

Guarantee 1: If you ever think VTel could have served you better, call us, and get a free month of service, once a year, no questions asked.

Guarantee 2
: Our prices are the lowest, anywhere. If you ever find a lower offer, call us. We’ll send you $10 to say thank you. We’ve never seen a price we can’t beat. Why? We invest our own capital. We spend carefully. We buy American. We’re family owned.