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VTel’s Mission: World-Class Technology with Down-Home Service.

VTel is a small family-owned telephone company, serving 14 rural Vermont villages, based in Springfield, VT . Some VTel farms and rural homes have received continuous telephone service from when we first began operations in 1890. We provided the phone line that enabled Calvin Coolidge to be sworn in as United States President, at Plymouth Notch, VT, on August 3, 1923. Many team members have been with us for 40 years. We  answer our telephone calls on the first ring. We are Vermonters serving Vermonters. Our mission is World-Class technology with Down-Home Service.

Some folks  -- who aren’t yet our customers -- are surprised to learn VTel is proudly part of a U.S. tradition of small rural telephone companies who are also innovators. We were first in Vermont to offer Internet.  We were first in Vermont to build fiber to homes. We  were first in Vermont to offer billion-bit-per-second GigE internet. We were first with 100 Gig data paths.  We expect to soon be first to integrate 4G/LTE wireless mobile broadband with Smart Grid, to help make Vermont more green.

Since 1994 we have invested over $100 million of our own capital to upgrade our Vermont network, create local jobs, and build Vermont’s economy. We try to offer the lowest costs in Vermont, with the highest service quality. We take pride in public data showing we typically have the fewest complaints per 1,000 people served, of any carrier in the state.

We also operate a 1,400 mile optical fiber network from Vermont to New York City, Cambridge, MA,  Boston, and Montreal,  serving some of the most intensive data users and research universities in the northeast.

In 2010 we were humbled, and honored, to become one of the largest U.S. federal government rural broadband ARRA awardees, with Rural Utilities Service, and National Telecommunications Information Administration grants ($92 million),  federal loans to VTel ($35 million), and matching VTel cash and asset contributions ($36 million).

The CEO of one of America’s most advanced networking companies described VTel as “One of the five most advanced aspirational networks being built in the world today”.

We are building, to complete by early 2015:

(a) GigE billion-bits-per-second Internet over fiber to every VTel farm, home, and office, in all of our 14 rural villages;

(b) 4G/LTE mobile wireless broadband statewide, using our 12 Meg of FCC 700 MHz licenses  and 20 Meg of FCC AWS licenses;

(c) 100 Gig data paths on our 1,400 mile 4-state fiber network;

(d) 500 channel video;

(e) Integrate all with statewide Smart Grid;

VTel actively supports Vermont community groups, creates Vermont jobs, drives hybrid vehicles, uses solar and hydro and wind power, and is committed to improving quality of life for Vermont.

We are Vermonters proudly serving Vermonters.

If you have a suggestion about how we can help you, or your group, please contact us.