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VTel Cloud Storage!
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 10:45

We are happy to let you know about an exciting new service from VTel: Cloud Storage – also affectionately referred to internally as the “VTel Databarn”.  This exciting new service will allow customers to store all kinds of data remote on our servers.  You can upload your files, movies, music, bookmarks, and more!

We are in the final stages of testing, but we have decided to let all of our existing Internet customers try it out early with 2 gigabytes of storage.  There’s no requirement to do so, and all we ask is that you forgive the rough edges, and give us your honest and open feedback.  To access to the VTel Databarn, simply visit the website athttp://databarn.vermontel.net/ and log in using your VTel username and password.  Your username is the part of your email address before the @vermontel.net.  Once you login it is easy to upload files.  Simply drag a file from your desktop and drop it on the page and it will automatically be uploaded.  To view or download a file you have uploaded, simply click on the file in the listing.

As an added bonus, customers converting to our new GigE fiber broadband will receive 2 terabytes of storage in the VTel Databarn – double what others, like Google, provides their fiber customers!

VTel Databarn

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